The College of Animal Welfare
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Initial expression of interest

After submitting this initial expression of interest form you will be contacted, by email, with confidential access details to our online application system where you will be able to start the application process for your chosen course. See the full application process in more detail.

1. Initial expression of interest

Follow the instructions provided by VetPartners here.

The College of Animal Welfare will email you instructions on what to do next.

2. Course application

We have split our application form into two parts, so we don't unnecessarily waste your time.

Stage 1: Basic application and eligibility check.

Stage 2: Full application and eligibility check.

3. Enrolment and interview

Submit your proof of identity and other documentation.

You may be asked to attend an interview at the college.

4. Start learning

Unlike other colleges, your induction process starts before you get to college with our online induction courses, maximising your time in learning.

Close the flow chart and complete this form.

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