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Watch TP Congress 2015

Day One – Monday 16 March 2015

Talk 1: OSCEs: Top Ten Troubleshooting TipsJulie Cory
Talk 2: “My Kingdom for a Horse!”: Your Student and the Equine NPLCaroline Blake
Talk 3: You Be the DC: Discussing (Hypothetical) Disciplinary CasesGemma Kingswell
Q&A PanelDelegate QuestionsNo PDF
Talk 4: How to Prevent a ‘Difficult’ StudentHelen Frewin
Talk 5: RCVS UpdateJulie Dugmore
Talk 6: The Hidden Curriculum - The Unwritten Rules of the Veterinary ProfessionLiz Mossop
Talk 7: PSS UpdateJacqui Molyneaux
Q&A PanelDelegate QuestionsNo PDF

Day Two – Tuesday 17 March 2015

Talk 1: NPL - Maintaining Progress and Keeping to ScheduleMarie Jones
Talk 2: City & Guilds UpdateCity & Guilds
Talk 3: Can You ‘Cure’ a ‘Difficult’ Student?Helen Frewin
Talk 4: Time Management for Veterinary NursesAnne-Marie Aylott
Q&A PanelDelegate QuestionsNo PDF
Talk 5: Veterinary Nursing and the New RCVS CharterJulie Dugmore
Talk 6: What Can You Do in Half an Hour?Caroline Blake
Talk 7: Helping your Student Write a Nursing Care PlanClaire Defries
Talk 8: Spoonfeeding or Leading? Leadership and the Clinical CoachAnne-Marie Aylott
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Watch TP Congress 2014

Day One – Monday 17 March 2014

Talk 1: City & Guilds Update: The Year in Veterinary Nurse EducationCity & Guilds
Talk 2: *RCVS Update: 2014, The Year of the Veterinary NurseKathy Kissick
Talk 3: Six Months at the RCVS with Julie Dugmore, Head of Veterinary NursingJulie Dugmore
Talk 4: *Horses for Courses: What You Need to Know about Equines in EducationElizabeth Figg
Talk 5: *Difficult Conversations: How to Say the Hard StuffHelen Frewin
Talk 6: *Building a Professional Relationship With Your StudentHelen Frewin

Day Two – Tuesday 18 March 2014

Talk 1: *Preparing Your Students (and Yourself) for the OSCE ExaminationJane Davidson
Talk 2: *Help, I’ve Got an Assignment! Academic Writing in 1500 Words for VNsCharlotte Pace
Talk 3: The Importance of Professional Indemnity for VNsMichael Stanford
Talk 4: Clinical Governance: What is it and Why Should VNs Care?Pam Mosedale
Talk 5: *Helping Your Students with Setting GoalsAnne-Marie Aylott
Talk 6: *Motivation and Demotivation – Gearing up for SuccessAnne-Marie Aylott

Watch Head Nurse Congress 2015

Day One - Thursday 14 May 2015

Talk 1: Mind The Gap: What to do when you become the bossBen Benson, General Manager, Benson & CoPDF
Talk 2: Cash is King: Where did all these bad debts come from?Ian Thompson, IPT Practice ManagementPDF
Talk 3: Motivation and Demotivation: Gearing your team up for successBen Benson, General Manager, Benson & CoPDF
Q&A PanelMultiple speakersno pdf
Talk 4: Making Work Meaningful: How your day to day tasks fit into the big picturePhilip Lowndes, CEO, Zealworks TrainingPDF
Talk 5: Fight Club: Managing conflict and preventing bullying in your teamIan Thompson, IPT Practice ManagementPDF
Talk 6: Negotiation Skills: Why cooperation and compromise aren’t dirty words!Philip Lowndes, CEO, Zealworks TrainingPDF
Q&A PanelMultiple speakersno pdf

Day Two - Friday 15 May 201

Talk 1: Recruiting for Your Vet Business: How to find (and keep!) a really great hireHelen Frewin, Talent Director, Totem ConsultingPDF
Talk 2: The Case for Nurse Consults: They’re not just cheap vetsHelen Tottey, Trainer, Onswitch Ltd.PDF
Talk 3: Branding Yourself and Your Vet Practice: What does marketing have to do with management?Rachel Crowe, Veterinary Marketing ConsultantPDF
Q&A PanelMultiple speakersno pdf
Talk 4: How to Fix Things When You’re the Minion, Not the ManagerHelen Frewin, Talent Director, Totem ConsultingPDF
Talk 5: Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Experience: What’s the difference and how do we make that happen?Helen Tottey, Trainer, Onswitch Ltd.PDF
Talk 6: Can Clinical Skills be Management Skills?Mark Hedberg, Short Course Manager, The College of Animal WelfarePDF
Q&A PanelMultiple speakersno pdf

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