Promoting British Values

British Values PosterAt The College of Animal Welfare we believe in creating an ethos that promotes ‘British values’ at every level.

  • Democracy
  • Individual liberty
  • The rule of Law
  • Mutual Respect and tolerance

We are dedicated to promoting these values to ensure our learners develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility, become well-rounded individuals, are respectful to other and are able to contribute effectively to the wider community.

How British values are promoted at The College of Animal Welfare


Class representatives | Student ambassadors | Surveys | Vote teacher awards | Suggestion boxes | Challenge Change

Individual liberty

Social media | Anti-bullying training | Inspiring women | LGBT+ | Armistice day

The rule of law

Discipline process | ID Badges | IT User Policy | Behaviour policies | Code of Conduct

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Career workshops | Leaver days | Counselling services | Safeguarding | PREVENT | Mind Matters | Cultural celebrations | PREVENT | Open Mind Society|