Providing a Work Placement for a Student

The majority of our full time programmes incorporate a large amount of work experience into the programme in order to give students a real taste of the working environment. This experience forms a vital and compulsory part of our courses.

We have veterinary nursing, veterinary care and animal care students all looking for suitable work placements.

All students on placement are unpaid and the length of time they are in each placement can vary from just a two week block right through to three or four days per week for the duration of their programme.

Veterinary Practices

Veterinary Nursing Students

We have students on both our degree and diploma level courses looking for work placements in veterinary practices. These placements must be RCVS approved Training Practices/Auxiliary Training Practices and the student will need to have an appointed clinical coach (MRCVS or RVN) who will support and mentor them and supervise their completion of the Nursing Progress Log. Some of these students are on placement for blocks of time and others are looking for a placement for three or four days per week over the duration of their programme. We welcome enquiries from practices from all over the UK. If you are not a Training Practice and would be interested in becoming one in order to take a student on work placement, we may be able to offer you FREE Training Practice Approval – please contact us for details.

Animal Care Organisations

Students on our full time animal care programmes at our Huntingdon centre are looking for work placement in animal related organisations. Previous students have been to boarding kennels and catteries, dog grooming salons, zoos, wildlife centres, animal charities and much more! All placements are unpaid and two weeks in length. If you think your organisation could help offer such an opportunity, we would love to hear from you.

Do I Have to Pay the Student?

No. All students are on unpaid placements so you are not required to pay the student a wage.

National Minimum Wage Implications for Student Veterinary Nurses

Do I Have to get Extra Insurance?

No. Students should be covered under the organisation’s public liability insurance.

What are the Benefits to the Organisation?

Providing a placement for a student is a very rewarding experience. You will gain an extra keen and willing pair of hands who will fit into your organisation for the period of time they are with you. For practices that are taking veterinary nursing students, they can be worked into your rota and can effectively become like an additional member of staff for the time they are with you.

You may also discover a potential new employee during their placement or at the end of the programme!

Particularly for organisations who are taking veterinary nurse students, you will also be playing a vital part in helping to decrease the shortage of qualified veterinary nurses in the UK!

I Would Like to Find Out More, What Shall I do?

Please contact our Placement Liaison Team on 01480 422060. They will be very happy to discuss the process of taking a student on work placement with you further… or request a call back!