Live Online

What is Live Online learning?

Live Online is an increasingly popular delivery model available for some of our training programmes. It involves attending scheduled online lessons, held in a virtual classroom in real-time, and is supported by guidance from a dedicated tutor. For some of our courses, this is combined with employment or volunteering in a suitable workplace.

Live Online combines the best of traditional and online learning, by offering the structure of a traditional classroom but with the added flexibility of studying remotely. During virtual lectures, you can participate in a diverse range of learning and assessment activities including live chat, group chat and breakout room activities. You can collaborate with your lecturer and peers using an interactive whiteboard, as well as take part in polls and Q&A sessions to test your knowledge throughout the lesson.

Virtual classroom sessions are recorded and available to view at any time, so if you miss a lesson you can catch up, or you can watch your lessons again to support revision and consolidation of learning. Live Online also comes with access to our advanced Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which hosts additional learning resources and features to help you keep track of your studies, available at any time of the day or night. As well as accessing your course materials, you will be able to utilise wellbeing tools, study resources and an eLibrary.

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Who is Live Online for?

Live Online is ideal for those who like a structured schedule of live lessons and tutor support, but are unable to attend a CAW training centre. This could be due to travel constraints, family commitments, or being abroad.

Why study Live Online?

  • Structured learning Attend scheduled classes that are developed to maximise your learning, and get the benefits of a traditional structured classroom setting.
  • Engaging and interactive lessons Use our innovative virtual classroom software to attend lessons and make use of interactive features including…
    • Live chat Communicate with your teacher and peers in public or private chats.
    • Multi-user whiteboards Get creative and work together with your fellow students by contributing to shared whiteboards.
    • Shared notes Easily collaborate with your study group and swap ideas using shared notes.
    • Hand Raise Virtually raise your hand to speak to your tutor and ask questions.
    • Emojis Express yourself with a range of fun emojis.
    • Breakout rooms Get engaged with your classmates during breakout room activities.
    • Polling Test your knowledge during lessons with polls provided by your lecturers.
    • Webcam video Join lessons via webcam video and use custom backgrounds.
    • Screen share You can share your screen with your lecturer or classmates where required, for example when delivering presentations or showcasing coursework.
    • Video options Video is used as part of our virtual classes, making your lessons more interactive and visual.
    • Documents upload Your lecturer will upload any supporting study documents you may need to get the most out of your learning and virtual classes, such as Powerpoints, Word documents, PDFs and images.
  • Access recordings of your classes at any time All virtual classroom sessions are recorded and are available to view after the event for consolidation of learning and revision purposes.
  • Access to our advanced Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Your study portal with extra online content for revision outside of classes. Our new, web-based system delivers interactive learning materials to any connected device and allows you to submit assignments, take exams and track your assessments.
  • Expert IT support Log IT issues and get support throughout your studies from our dedicated IT Helpdesk and friendly, knowledgeable technicians.
  • Dedicated tutor support Get in touch with your tutor through telephone, email, teams or interact with them live during your virtual classes.

What courses offer Live Online learning?

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