Brand Identity

Our Name

The College of Animal Welfare

the College of Animal Welfare
The College Of Animal Welfare
… or anything else

Welcome to The College of Animal Welfare


Font Type

Print: ‘Calibri’
Website: ‘Roboto’

Font Size and Space

Document header or cover page: 28pt
Title / Chapter / Section: 20pt bold
Heading 1 : 16pt/26px bold
Heading 2 : 14pt/22px bold
Heading 3 : 12pt/19px bold
Body text: 12pt/16px

Line spacing: Multiple at: 1.15 / Paragraph Spacing 10pt/1em
No underlining: Highlight facts using bold not colour or underlining
Underlining is reserved for hyperlinks

Font Colour

Learning Materials:
Dark Blue / #086384 / C97 M78 Y25 K10 / R031 G073 B125

Documents (Marketing, Correspondence, Forms, etc):
Black / #000000 / C75 M68 Y67 K90 / R000 G000 B000

Dark Grey / #555555 / C64 M56 Y55 K31 / R085 G085 B085