What can I do to strengthen my application?

Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants

We are looking for students who have a passion for dog grooming. You must be able to demonstrate your commitment to achieving the qualification and your desire to join this creative and thriving profession.

Work experience

Any relevant experience of handling and working with dogs will be looked on favourably and will demonstrate that you understand the environment and the line of work you will be joining.

Qualifications and hobbies

Any relevant qualifications or courses/training you have undertaken will assist with your application and may also help you when you are on the programme. You may also have animal related hobbies/interests, ensure all these are mentioned on your application and how you think they will help you to be a good dog groomer.

Prompt completion of paperwork

Please ensure all application paperwork is completed fully and promptly. Without some key pieces of information your application will not be able to progress in the system.

And finally…

Above are pieces of advice which can help your application but please do not be put off from applying if, for example, you have not completed any extra studies in animal care or do not have lots of work experience. Good dog groomers come from all walks of life, with varying amounts of prior experience and we welcome each application on its own merit.

To start your application, please fill in our online application form.