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Office 365

All of your favourite Office applications, for free and for the duration of your course*.

Office 365
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*Not currently available to all courses, students or mentors. Terms and conditions apply.

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More Free Software for Students

The College of Animal Welfare is on a mission to trawl the Internet and find our students FREE software. We are compiling a list (below) of all the essential student software needed for your College and personal life.


Document Scanning

Use your phone to scan documents, receipts and images. The Microsoft Office Lens app will even remove shadows and straighten-up odd angles.


Other Useful Office Tools

Text to Speech

Sometimes, listening is just plain better than reading:

  • Taking notes from course material
  • Proof “reading” an assignment
  • Cramming from your notes, before an exam
  • …or maybe your eyes are just tired

If you use Microsoft’s Edge browser, simply right-click the text in the web-page and select ‘Read aloud’. You can even read PDF documents this way by opening them in Edge (right-click > Open with > Edge, or drag the PDF into a new Edge tab). This also works with text on the VLE!

If you use the Google Chrome browser you can do the same thing, but to start you will firstly have to install an extension. There are several to choose from here.

When using Microsoft Office O365, you can open a document, select the ‘View’ tab and then click on ‘Immersive Reader’. This opens the document in accessible reading-view, which is great, but if you click on the play button, the document will be read back to you. This works in mobile or desktop browsers and also the O365 mobile app.

Image Editing

If you want to edit pictures like a pro or if all you want to do is crop or resize a picture, here are the tools for you:

  • Canva
    An online design tool that uses creative templates for professional layouts
    All the tools for editing images, but on the web.
  • Download: GIMP
    A great tool to create and edit images, which takes many of it’s best features from Photoshop.
  • Download: Inkscape
    An opensource tool similar to Adobe Illustrator

Free Stock Photos & Drawings

Web Browsers

Two free and feature packed Web Browsers (As alternatives to: Microsoft EdgeWindows Internet Explorer).


There are loads of free eBooks available now, download one of these eBook Readers to get started with eBook formats such as EPUB or MOBI.

Reader and Converter

A few FREE eBook resources:

Don’t forget; the College has their own eLibrary! Find it on your VLE.

Streaming Content

If you live in the UK and watch the BBC or any live content then you need a TV licence, even if the broadcast is from abroad. This includes live-streams on; YouTube, Hulu, Paramount+ or Twitch. However if you just watch pre-recorded shows on; Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc (excludes iPlayer) then you are not required to have a TV licence.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Software

Tired of all the security pop-ups? Try two of the best free and unobtrusive PC protection software that you can get:

Two paid for PC proctection software with free versions available:

Media Players

Media Converters

Windows PC Management

Keeping your computer running smoothly doesn’t have to be a tedious or costly job. Keep your computer clean and tidy (on the inside) by installing and using these regularly:

  • Download: CC Cleaner
    CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure.
  • Download: Revo Uninstaller
    Sometimes an uninstall doesn’t uninstall everything! Completely remove programs with Revo Uninstaller.