CAW Loans2Learn

The CAW Loans2Learn Scheme is a personal loan students can take out with the College of Animal Welfare. The loan can be used to fully or partially cover your course fees, but does not cover any Awarding Body fees.

The loan works in a similar way to a bank loan, and it is not provided from the ESFA or any other government department, and is not related to any student finance.

Successful applicants are required to start paying back any borrowed money plus interest three months after completing the course. This will be despite your financial status or income is at the time, so please keep this in mind if you choose to apply for the loan. The total amount can be paid back in full upon completion, or a payment plan over 3 or 5 years may be agreed upon during the application process. This will be dependent on individual circumstances and how much has been have borrowed. Interest will be set at the Bank of England interest rate at the time of the loan agreement being put into place.

The CAW Loans2Learn Scheme should be seen as a last resort of finance. The College recommend that you speak to friends, family and your employer (if applicable), and seek independent advice from the Money Advice Service before making any financial decision.

Steps to Applying for the CAW Loans2Learn

If you decide to apply for a CAW Loans2Learn, please follow the below steps

  1. Call 01480 422 060 and ask to speak to the Funding Team. They will conduct an initial telephone interview with you. This will include information about yourself, and why you want to apply for the loan. This will then be assessed by the Directors.
  2. Once authorised, the Funding Team will send you an application pack that includes an application form and an expenses sheet, and they will ask for evidence of any bank statements, credit card statements, etc. as evidence for the loan. You will need to be as detailed as you can in your application pack and expenses sheet.
  3. Once the application pack is returned with any statements, this will be assessed by the Funding Team who may ask you additional questions. Once clarified, it will be reviewed by an independent financier and the Directors.
  4. Once a decision has been made, you will be informed in writing. If successful, a loan agreement will be sent to you to sign. Once signed, this will become a legally binding contract, and the loan will be used to cover your stated amount of course fees.
  5. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will also be informed of the loan and therefore it can affect credit ratings.

When you have completed or withdrawn from your course, the College will contact you regarding payment. The first payment will be three months after you have completed or withdrawn.

If you have any queries about the CAW Loans2Learn Scheme, please email