Success Stories

Oundle & Thrapston Veterinary Surgery

“We have an exceptional student from The College of Animal Welfare (CAW). She proves herself to be a true asset to the practice every single day. I had wonderful support from Nadine in the Placement Liaison Team during the placement of her; Nadine ensured she pre-selected candidates that fitted the sought criteria for our practice.

All of our Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) are clinical coaches and CAW enable this, and ensure they are kept up-to-date with standardisation. So not only are we providing high quality support to the student but our RVNs are also being provided with quality training and free CPD as well!

When I started here, the practice had ceased being a Training Practice (TP) as they found it to be ‘too much effort’. Financially, the practice couldn’t warrant another salary and, as I felt we had everything required to be a TP, I decided to become a TP again in Sept 2014. This was a very easy, and not overly time-consuming, process and I was supported throughout by CAW. It didn’t cost us a single penny to do either – which the partners liked greatly!

Although we are a busy practice, we always have the time to support the student; it just fits into our daily routine. We pride ourselves as having placements that are above and beyond the nursing team rota – this allows us to take time over training them, not rushing anything and ensuring they are never left unsupervised.

Our student brings up-to-date and relevant ideas to the daily routine which we actively encourage. Her enthusiasm and training at CAW has also helped us to develop and ‘freshen up’ some of our existing protocols and routines.

Caroline, our Quality Assurance Supervisor (QAS) from CAW, offer us thorough support and she is always on-hand if I ever need any guidance”

Holly Cooper RVN, Head Veterinary Nurse

The Cromwell Veterinary Group Ltd.

“As a practice, we have been using The College of Animal Welfare (CAW) for a number of years now, and have always been very impressed with their professionalism and the quality of the students that have been trained by them.

We currently have a number of students that have been placed with us with the help of both Nadine and Karen from the Placement Liaison Team. Both of them have offered a high level of support and advice at the end of the phone when needed.

Most of our RVNs are clinical coaches and we generally allocate one student per clinical coach, to allow them their coaches’ full attention whenever possible. The knowledge that the Quality Assurance advisors, Caroline and Tori, are on hand if there are any queries is a real godsend.

Keeping the clinical coaches up to date with their standardisation once a year is no problem. As we are a very big practice with 22 clinical coaches, Caroline from the QA Team kindly visits us annually and runs an evening standardisation update session to ensure that all our coaches are updated at the same time. This also gives them 2.5 hours towards their CPD!

As a practice, we pride ourselves in producing a very high standard of Registered Veterinary Nurse. The College of Animal Welfare helps us achieve this”.

Sarah Milne RVN, Nursing Administrator

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