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Lead your team to success

Leading a team of people and managing scarce resources are two of the biggest challenges that exist in the veterinary and animal care profession.

Training in these professions tends to concentrate on the development of practical skills and technical knowledge needed to do the job; so when you find yourself promoted to the role of team leader, head nurse or manager, you may find many aspects of your new role challenging.

It is essential that your team are motivated by their work and are all working towards the same goals. This is your opportunity to really make a difference to the members of your team, the business and ultimately to the animals in your care.

What makes a good team leader?

There are many qualities that good team leaders all have in common, some of these are listed below. Of course, it is unlikely that all of the skills and qualities come naturally to all of us, but they can be learnt and developed with the right commitment from you and the correct training.

Being honest and trustworthy
You need to be approachable by all your team members and by senior management. You must be professional and respect confidentiality at all times.

The ability to inspire and empower others
Leading by example is one of the most powerful ways to engage and inspire your team. Encourage them to look at their own strengths and allow them to develop and grow.

Commitment and focus
Leadership and management can be challenging and hard work. Your ability to stay focussed on long term goals and your commitment to seeing them through will really make the difference to your success.

Communication skills
There is no doubt that you must be good at communicating on all levels. The ability to negotiate and prioritise workloads is essential. 

Organisational skills
You must be organised and able to plan and delegate work.

Qualifications in Leadership and Management

By undertaking a qualification in leadership and management you can learn to:

  • Manage team dynamics
  • Utilise individual strengths
  • Delegate workloads
  • Give direction and guidance where necessary
  • Contribute to planning, problem solving and decision making
  • Help to drive your business forward

More than this, studying towards a nationally recognised qualification in leadership and management will develop your confidence in your own ability to carry out your role.

The College of Animal Welfare offers both a Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management and a Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Each programme will be delivered on a blended learning basis. Online lectures and tutorials in all modules form the backbone of the learning process and these will be complemented by study days at our Huntingdon centre.

The Institute of Leadership & Management’s programmes have been designed with a strong focus on workplace performance; aiming to create well-rounded managers with a proven ability to work to high standards.

Whether you are already working as a team leader/manager, or are looking to build up your CV in order to secure such a position in the future, by undertaking a management qualification you will develop your skills and knowledge whilst enhancing your career prospects for the future.

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