Working in the Countryside: Is it for you?

Trees of green, red roses too…isn’t nature wonderful? If you find yourself fascinated by what the natural world has got to offer us, the environmental industry is sure to have a role that will peak your interest. From conservation work and environmental research, to countryside management and jobs in education: the opportunities are endless – but how do you know whether it’s the perfect fit for you? Working in the outdoors is not for everyone, after all…

If you can confidently lay claim to the following traits, then we think you belong in this sector!

  1. You’re dedicated to your work! Managing our land responsibly in the face of widespread industrial progress and on-going environmental threats is one of the biggest challenges we face. With an ever increasing demand for the use of rural space and the provision of renewable energy, it is more important than ever that our wildlife areas are managed and protected successfully. If you have a strong work ethic, combined with a drive to achieve to the best of your abilities, then this will serve you well in the environmental sector!
  2. You’re willing to work flexibly! Working to protect our natural environment is incredibly rewarding, but it isn’t all sunshine and roses! Unsociable hours and strenuous physical labour can make environmental management challenging at the best of times. You should be willing to work through all weather conditions, and be comfortable working alone for long periods of time where necessary.
  3. You’re dedicated to education and training! A commitment to gaining the wealth of background knowledge and awareness of environmental issues needed to succeed in the sector is essential. Environmental jobs are highly competitive, so keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date will be key to staying ahead of the game and moving up the ranks in the field once qualified!

If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for?

Start turning your love of the outdoors into a career! The first step is working out what role is best suited to your passions. Browsing environmental job sites such as is a great way to understand more about industry standards, and get an idea of what opportunities are out there. Additionally, our career profiles outline common positions you can find in industry…

Countryside Ranger Countryside rangers develop areas of land and green space by planting trees, managing ponds and working with volunteers and the local community too. Additionally, as part of their role many Countryside Rangers will share their knowledge about the landscape and wildlife that inhabits the area on guided walks and educational visits. Read the career profile

Countryside Officer This position is ideal for those passionate about improving the environment around us. As a countryside officer you would ensure that the countryside was as accessible for the community, through various conservation efforts. You would also undertake a range of related tasks such as performing research, conducting surveys, writing reports, supporting environmental events and maintaining site facilities. Read the career profile

If you’re the next nature enthusiast, start your training today!

Environmental jobs are competitive, but achievement of a formal qualification can give you the skills, knowledge and relevant industry experience needed to help you kick-start a career. The Level 2 Diploma in Countryside and Environment is a one year, online distance learning programme that covers the principles behind environmental management and conservation, looking at:

  • Countryside access and recreation
  • Ecological surveys
  • Conservation and improvement of British habitats
  • Urban habitat ecology
  • Environmental and land-based business
  • Work-related experience in the land-based industries

Online learning allows you to study in your own time, from the comfort of your own home. You can study alongside any existing commitments, and you can start at any time!

Apply by the end of September 2017 and save £129!

What’s more – if you apply by 30 September 2017, you can do so for just £999 inclusive of City & Guilds registration and certification fees!

Find out more about the Level 2 Diploma in Countryside and Environment