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The matrix Standard

We are thrilled to announce that The College of Animal Welfare has successfully achieved matrix re-accreditation following a comprehensive inspection carried out between the 15-18 April 2024. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional information, advice and guidance (IAG) to our students, employers and those looking to study with us.

The Matrix Standard is a prestigious benchmark for organisations to assess and measure their IAG services. Achieving this re-accreditation is a testament to the high standards we strive to uphold; ensuring that our services are accessible, effectively managed, and of the highest quality.

How were we assessed?

During our inspection, the assessor retrieved evidence using a range of methods and reviewed them against the matrix Standard. A number of interviews were conducted with students and employees, and partners of the College to find out about our approach to IAG and how effectively we deliver it. Documentation was presented by the College and reviewed by the assessor to support elements of the standard under discussion.

How did we do?

During the inspection, the inspector noted that all staff at the College are well qualified for the role they deliver and that they are passionate about supporting students in a manner that is tailored to their individual needs. Their commitment to providing high quality and effective student focussed IAG was demonstrated by the senior leadership team and down through the organisation.

Some of the key findings in the report that the College was complemented on doing well, include:

  • CAW focuses on the fact that their student population has many needs, and they are continually looking to identify how best to support them.
  • CAW provide a clear understanding of their IAG and support mechanisms to stakeholders in multiple ways prior to students joining the College. This awareness continues while students are on programme.
  • Many students described an excellent approach that CAW take to inform students about welfare, safeguarding, mental health, and all other types of support including careers focussed IAG.

Our commitment

We continually strive to improve the way we supply IAG and work hard to keep a high level of student, employee and client satisfaction.

The College offers a range of support to potential, current and past students, employees, partners, and employees including:

  • IT helpdesk and support
  • E-Library
  • Newsfeeds and blogs
  • Staff and student inductions and regular reviews
  • Regular staff meetings
  • Netbooks/hardware
  • Access to a Customer Advice Team member (CAT)

Information, Advice and Guidance

More information on our IAG services, including information on the student learner journey and how to contact a member of our Customer Advice Team (CAT) can be found online.