The matrix Standard

In April 2015, The College of Animal Welfare achieved accreditation for meeting the matrix Standard. This internationally recognised standard is a unique quality framework that measures and assesses the delivery of Information, Advice and/or Guidance (IAG) services that supports people in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.

How were we assessed?

During our inspection, the assessor retrieved evidence using a range of methods and reviewed them against the matrix Standard. A number of interviews were conducted with students and employees from each centre, and partners of the College to find out about our approach to IAG and how effectively we deliver it. Documentation was presented by the College and reviewed by the assessor to support elements of the standard under discussion.

How did we do?

The assessor specifically highlighted the following as areas of good practice:

  • Our passionate approach by the team to help students progress and succeed
  • Use of resources and technology
  • Employees who are well trained
  • Management of facilities
  • Programme management such as Schemes of Work
  • Sign posting to learners
  • Our philosophy
  • A standardised approach that works well across the centres and schools of the College
  • Employee induction and knowledge

“The philosophy at CAW is to support all learners and potential learners on their career journey. At the front end of the process this activity that can be considered a real strength and example of ‘best practice’ in comparison with some other training providers.”

Our commitment

We continually strive to improve the way we supply IAG and work hard to keep a high level of student, employee and client satisfaction.

The College offers a range of support to potential, current and past students, employees, partners, and employees including:

  • IT helpdesk and support
  • E-Library
  • Newsfeeds and blogs
  • Staff and student inductions and regular reviews
  • Staff Away Days
  • Netbooks/hardware
  • Internet connection for remote students who cannot access it
  • Access to a Customer Advice Team member (CAT)

“Even during my first two weeks and it was my first position as a tutor, I felt I could meet any challenge with the support of my mentor”
Quote from employee

“They always solve problems and do not try to ‘duck’ them. I am grateful that we have them as a partner”
Quote from partner

“I like the support provided at the college, help is always available and reassuring. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming”
Quote from student

Information, Advice and Guidance

More information on our IAG services, including information on the student learner journey and how to contact a member of our Customer Advice Team (CAT) can be found online.