Interested in becoming an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)?

Interview with Danielle Lough – IQA, Edinburgh

Interview with Shirley Gibbins – IQA, North London

If you are passionate about education and training the next generation of veterinary nurses, then perhaps a career move into education could be for you!

One of the roles we have at The College of Animal Welfare is that of an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA), which people may remember as an Internal Verifier or Quality Assurance Supervisor. In essence, this role involves supporting both students and clinical coaches in the workplace and maintaining crucial links between college and work. In this section we have tried to cover some of the questions you may have about the role, explain what would be expected of you and give you a true insight with our real life interviews with some of our current IQAs!

‘My name is Helen and I am new to the role of an IQA at CAW having recently left small animal practice after 17 years in a variety of different roles and types of practice. I really enjoy nursing but also have a real passion for training and supporting students in practice. I have been a clinical coach for a number of students; so I had heard of the role of an IQA. I had come to a point in my career where I wanted a change in direction; but still wanted to keep myself involved in nursing. The role of an IQA is perfect for this and involves a lot more that I was initially aware of.  I applied for a position in the Leeds Centre; which I was lucky enough to be accepted in. I really enjoy this role and it is a great way to progress in your career and take a step in a different direction; but still keep involved with practice life. The main focus of the role involves supporting students and clinical coaches in practice, with both visits to them and regular teams and face to face support whilst in college. But there is a lot more to get involved in, which keeps each day varied. There is great support in place to start you in this role and make the move from working in practice to an education setting'.
Helen Taylor RVN Dip (AVN), Leeds

But I don’t have a verifier or teaching qualification?

The most common misconception about becoming an IQA is that you must already have a teaching or quality assurance qualification to work for us. Although this would be an advantage, it is not an essential when you begin the role. We have our own internal training and mentoring programme that is second to none, which will provide you with the skills necessary to become an IQA.

Within your first year you will be encouraged to undertake a nationally recognised quality assurance award which will be fully funded by us. We will aim to have you confidently trained as quickly as possible and, like all our staff, we will support you in every aspect of your role.

With regular appraisals and team meetings you can develop within the role, bond with team members and you can always be assured that you will be supported if any issues arise.

‘I enjoy the challenge of helping them [students] through their studies. It is nice to get out and about on the road to see different practices, the facilities they offer and how things are done differently everywhere.
 Danielle Lough RVN
 Internal Quality Assurer, Edinburgh

What is it like to be an IQA at CAW?

You must have a genuine enthusiasm and passion for your subject. We ask you to commit to not only developing your own skills and knowledge base, but also to support our students in an enjoyable and inspiring way. This ensures we are able to maintain our excellent reputation within the educational sector and continue our high level of success rates.

A large part of your job will be out and about on the road visiting a variety of veterinary practices to provide support to students and their clinical coaches. You will also carry out approval and annual inspections visits to practices wishing to be/continuing to be a Training Practice (TP). In College you could be called on to provide support to students in the classroom as well as delivering clinical coach training and standardisation events.

‘I get to travel to practices all over London and the south of England – even occasionally taking a day trip to Jersey. I am a people-person so I really enjoy getting to meet so many different people on a day-to-day basis’.
 Shirley Gibbins BSc (Hons) RVN
 Internal Quality Assurer, North London

What to experience life as an IQA first hand?

If you are interested in becoming an IQA and would like to experience first-hand ‘a day in the life of’ we can help you by arranging a ‘shadow day’! That way, you can see how the day develops from start to finish, see what the role involves and get more an idea of if it is for you. Please contact our HR team on 01480 422060 /

How do I apply?

If you enquiring in response to a job advertisement please follow the contact instructions noted against each individual vacancy. View our current job vacancies here.