BSc Veterinary Nursing Students Take Their Skills Abroad!

As part of the elective module, International Veterinary Nursing, three of our BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing degree students studying with CAW and Middlesex University, are experiencing veterinary care in Central and South America and the Caribbean!

The world of veterinary care extends far beyond the walls of the clinics and hospitals we are used to in the UK, and for this group of passionate veterinary nurse students, the calling to expand their horizons and embrace diverse experiences promoted them to carry out a month-long work placement in Peru, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean island of Carriacou. Over the course of the placement, Hafzah, Renae and Fabio have entered a whirlwind of learning and hands-on experience, working with both exotic species and stray dogs in unique and enriching environments.


Student, Hafzah, chose to travel to Peru to work alongside vets caring for a myriad of exotic species. Each day is bringing new challenges and opportunities to learn, strengthening her skills in handling and treating animals she would just not have the opportunity to meet in the UK.

Costa Rica

Renae is spending her placement in Costa Rica, a biodiversity hotspot teeming with lush rainforests and wildlife sanctuaries. Here, she has found herself in the heart of conservation efforts, helping the veterinary team to treat injured and abandoned animals in a sanctuary dedicated to their rehabilitation and eventual release. From caring for mischievous monkeys to rehabilitating injured sloths, Renae has become an integral part of the sanctuaries’ team. The experience is not only deepening her understanding of wildlife conservation but also honing her nursing skills in a setting where every action contributes to the well-being of these remarkable creatures.


Our Top Up student, Fabio, is in the Caribbean island of Carriacou with its turquoise waters and serene landscapes. Yet, amidst this picturesque setting, Fabio is confronted with a significant challenge – the plight of stray dogs. Partnering with local animal welfare organisations, he is helping with the neutering, and provision of medical care, to these vulnerable animals. The work these organisations does makes a tangible difference in the lives of the stray dogs with the aim of contributing to long-term solutions for managing the local stray population.

Beyond the clinical aspects of the work experience, the students are absorbed in the culture, savouring traditional cuisine, exploring their areas, and connecting with locals who have welcomed them with open arms. Their time abroad will not only enrich their understanding of veterinary care but also foster a global perspective on animal welfare. The cultural exchange, diverse challenges, and hands-on experiences will transform them into well-rounded professionals equipped with empathy, adaptability, and a deep sense of responsibility toward animals, regardless of their species or location.

The International journey of these veterinary nurse students showcases the power of hands-on experiences in shaping future professionals. It is incredible to see how their dedication and compassion translate into making a difference in the lives of animals across the globe.

Interested in undertaking the BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing programme, or maybe you are already a qualified veterinary nurse and would like to ‘top up’ our diploma/apprenticeship qualification to a degree? Details on both courses can be found on our website.