Remote invigilation – Guidance for CAW students undertaking VetSkill exams

If you are undertaking a VetSkill examination as part of your course, you may be offered the opportunity to undertake it remotely using Proctorio™, a remote examination invigilation system used by VetSkill.

If you choose to undertake a VetSkill exam by remote invigilation instead of coming into college to take it, you MUST read the remote invigilation guidance and undertake the training that is located in the exam information section on the VLE.

If you do not follow the instructions exactly your exam attempt may be void, meaning you could undertake the whole exam (even getting a passing grade) for it to come back as a voided attempt.

Common reasons for attempts being voided are:

  • Not having photographic identification (passport or driving licence)
  • Not scanning the room properly (for example not scanning under your desk)
  • Having a door slightly open or being in an open plan area
  • Getting up from your chair during the exam
  • Having a tablecloth on your desk
  • Having prohibited items on the desk (such as sheets of paper or headphones)

If you have any questions about undertaking a remote examination please speak to your course tutor as it is really important that you understand exactly what you need to do to avoid your exam attempt being voided.