Britain's hedgehogs

What is the state of Britain’s hedgehogs?

Whilst there is great concern about the decreasing numbers of Britain’s hedgehogs, campaigns such as Hedgehog Street are actively doing what they can in order to stop this decline, and it seems to be working! Although the species has declined, recently the rate of decline has seen to be slowing down, and where hedgehogs can be found, they seem to be in larger numbers.

This week, Hedgehog Street published The State of Britain’s Hedgehogs report for 2018, the only comprehensive review of the national status of hedgehogs, which shows a loss of at least half of Britain’s hedgehogs in agricultural areas. To try to reverse the decline, they’re planning to work with farmers in order to promote hedgehog conservation.

However, it’s a completely different situation in our towns and cities; whilst numbers of hedgehogs have declined across the UK over the past decade, we’re beginning to see slower rates of decline in urban areas and in some places, even a slight increase! This shows why our gardens and urban areas are so important to hedgehogs and is why the Hedgehog Street campaign is so crucial to hedgehog conservation.

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