VN Futures DIWP working group launches menopause toolkit

As part of the VN Futures Diversity, Inclusivity and Widening Participation (DIWP) working group, The British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) have launched a free-to-access menopause toolkit, providing signposting to support and resources for veterinary nurses. 

Providing a range of resources, including discussion panels, blog articles, podcasts and signposting to supportive organisations, this toolkit contains information to assist veterinary nurses in navigating menopause and perimenopause – both personally and in the workplace. There are also resources for employers and colleagues of those affected by the menopause, and example policies to assist organisations to adopt menopause-friendly measures.

The toolkit can be accessed via the BVNA website here.

Alex Taylor, BVNA Senior Vice President and Chair of DIWP, said: “One of this year’s campaigns from the VN Futures DIWP working group is focused on creating awareness about working as a veterinary nurse affected by perimenopause and menopause. We strongly believe that all employers should have a menopause policy and put measures in place to ensure veterinary nurses affected by menopause can carry out the job role without feeling embarrassed or worried that menopausal symptoms will interfere with their everyday work life and career progression. By working together, both employers and employees can make reasonable adjustments in the workplace to provide a menopause-friendly environment that is inclusive for all.

The VN Futures DIWP working group’s campaigns have this year also included career changes into veterinary nursing, equity and inclusion for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, guidance for religious clothing, and flexible working.