rabbit awareness week

Rabbits aren’t just for Easter

With Easter on its way many people are swept up in springtime traditions such egg hunts and Easter bonnets. Alongside this there is of course the ‘Easter Bunny’.

With rabbits being one of the most popular pets within the UK it can frequently be a time of year where rabbit sales soar, however did you know that 59% of rabbits entering rescue are surrendered within the first year of ownership?*

Often seen as cute and cuddly rabbits are sometimes viewed as good choice of pet for a child but rabbits are prey animals. They are not keen on being picked up and can often react in these situations injuring themselves or the child.

Living on average 8 – 12 years in captivity rabbits are certainly a long commitment. They are very sociable creatures too and should not live alone. The PDSA recommend keeping bunnies in neutered pairs so they can be company for each other and play together. Requiring a minimum of 10 x 6 x 3ft of space rabbits should be given toys for them to play within and hide in too.

With such as high rate of rabbits being rescued and approximately a quarter of all rabbits entering rescue originally being bought as a child’s pet perhaps consider making any rabbits chocolate this Easter!

For further information on Rabbit Care check out the following sources:


* Make Mine Chocolate! UK Survey